The criteria for successful performance management for organisations and people are straightforward:

  • people in the organisation pursue goals that contribute positively to the corporate objectives;
  • people know what they need to do, and the standards to which they are expected to perform;
  • measures of success are clear, balanced, and reflect both individual and corporate performance;
  • long-term KPIs are not confused with short-term targets.

My risk-based approach ensures that business goals and performance measures reflect a balanced range of interests, not just the ‘bottom-line’. I use tried and tested techniques to clarify and simplify goal-setting and to root performance measures in organisations’ own core objectives and stakeholder needs by balancing key focus areas.

The aim is to ensure a consistent approach throughout the business to goal-setting and performance management. I believe in clear structures to define at each level core purpose, KRAs, KPIs, critical activities, key roles, and core competencies. Most organisations need simple but integrated processes and systems to control and measure performance, so that improvement processes can be both continuous and continual.