feedback on the IA tools

These are some quotes from organisations who have used the IA Change-Driving™ tools:

  • “I thought that it was going to be just another of those questionnaires that ask a lot of information about the firm but give nothing back. It turned out to be the opposite. It really made me think about where we were going as a business”
  • “I thought at first that intellectual assets were not really anything to do with us, but in fact they are at the heart of our business.”
  • “We have actually been spending quite a lot of money on capturing some of our routines, but we had never really thought of them as intellectual assets, and we had not been doing it within a framework of a real strategy.”
  • “Once we have a proper strategy, it would be really useful; to have a tool that helped me recognise what our intellectual assets are and set some priorities on what we do about them”
  • “It would have taken a week of brainstorming, writing and re-writing to get us to the point that we got to within a couple of hours of facilitated discussion”
  • “It was a very gentle way of getting a lot of information out of our heads and on to paper in a very short space of time”
  • “Exploit is good. I like the thought of exploiting our IA more commercially”
  • “I found the discipline of the final exercise really useful as a way to think about how we can make better use of our IA. In the space of six minutes we came up with things that would never have seen the light of day by our usually brainstorming”
  • “Is this a generic questionnaire? The questions seem so relevant I thought that you had geared them specifically to us”
  • “I have thought about this (specific IA) in the past, but have never actually sat down and discussed it before. It’s not until now that I realise just how critical is to the business. It would be a real show stopper if we lost it”
  • “It’s really useful to get things out of my head and on to paper. It makes it so much easier to know where to start and to set priorities. Some of the things that we have been doing on the PR and accreditation side were necessary in the past, but we don’t need to devote so much effort to them in the future. It’s now much more important that we concentrate on protecting and developing our prime brand and managing contacts with key customers”