example projects

Examples of people-management projects I’ve managed include:

Diagnosing organisational performance and people-management issues

The client was a mid-sized firm of solicitors and estate agents. The aim was to assess the need for changes to people management practices. The project involved surveying current HR practice and staff/partner attitudes, analysing results, and advising partners on policy, organisation structure and staff changes to improve performance.

Re-structuring organisation and pay to reflect changing organisation goals

The client was a campaigning and lobbying organisation with charitable status.  The project involved consulting with staff and directors, defining a competency framework, conducting a job evaluation exercise across the whole organisation, conducting an external job-matching exercise, designing a new salary grade structure, costing alternative options for implementation, and conducting a review of job descriptions against generic templates.

Defining core competencies and exploring alternative niche markets

The client was a contractors’ trade association in north-west England and north Wales. The aim was to identify core competencies of SME member companies that could be transferred to alternative niche markets. The project involved engaging a spread of companies, identifying needs and learning gaps, designing and delivering action learning workshops, supporting companies with client access in alternative markets, and developing a database learning tool.

Developing HR policies and a web-based HR manual

The client was an international oil company in London. The aim was to review, revise and web-enable all Human Resources and Organisation policies and processes. The project involved analysing all current policies and processes, identifying gaps and needs for updating, revising and editing the whole suite within a consistent structure, format and style, and making them available via interactive web pages on the company intranet.

Producing an integrated suite of HR policies

The client was an international oil and gas company in the East of England.  The project involved developing integrated policies and key processes to cover recruitment and selection, induction, training and development, competence assessment and performance management.

Designing and facilitating a UK study tour on skills and training

The client was a tertiary academic and training institution in the Pacific region.  The aim of the visit was to establish what training facilities might be required for their emerging renewables and offshore energy industry.  The project involved designing a clear framework for the tour and facilitating visits to a comprehensive range of industry figures and training providers in north-east Scotland and the east of England.

Other example projects include:

  • Reviewing HR processes following retention and grievance problems
  • Using competence specifications as a basis for redundancy selection
  • Facilitating consultative workshops on changes to terms and conditions
  • Producing workplace relations policies and procedures
  • Project managing a work-life balance communication strategy
  • HR audits and staff consultation
  • Designing compensation and reward systems
  • Job evaluation
  • Performance management systems and training workshops
  • Executive recruitment and selection
  • Goal-alignment and KPI tracking