diagnostic tools

client-centred diagnostic tools

My main interest is in providing consultancy services. I’m not a software developer. Along the way, however, I’ve developed some interesting software products for organisations to track change in their management systems.

These are not shrink-wrapped consumer goods. They are flexible models that can be tailored quickly and cheaply to your precise organisational requirements. Current offerings include:

  • StrategyTrak – a unique diagnostic tool to help analyse your organisation and its ability to cope with change strategies;
  • GoalFX – a performance management tool to help you set business objectives and cascade them effectively through each level of your organisation;
  • RoleTrak – a tool to help you map critical roles in your organisation and analyse the risk of human error or competence failure;
  • CompeSense – a simple benchmarking questionnaire based on my Competence Management System Framework;
  • CompeTrak – an innovative competence management database that integrates competence assurance and training;
  • TrakFX – a tool to monitor business or team performance with a flexible benchmarking model and an index-based approach with simple, clear performance charts;
  • HRMTrak – a simple employee satisfaction survey;
  • EvaluTrak – job evaluation made simple;
  • AudiTrak – a database system for managing non-conformance reports from multiple sources, and tracking corrective actions.

Contact me for more information on any of the tools.