Welcome to Nicol Webster’s personal website.  I’m now fully retired but worked for over 25 years as a competence, HR and organisation consultant.

In these pages I gathered together some key thoughts and resources on aspects of organisations and behaviour that interested me, namely:

  • organisational analysis and development, including models and diagnostic tools
  • people-management advice, especially on policy development, learning, job evaluation and salary structures
  • competence management systems and frameworks that improve organisational performance and reduce risk
  • action-research studies and special projects involving industry skills issues or employer groups

The ‘about’ pages give some background about me, my consulting philosophy, my project experience, and the sort of organisations I worked with.

There are also links to some of my earlier newsletters from my 25 years of running a consultancy company.

If you have lost my contact information and need to get in touch, please do so via the ‘contact‘ page.